Marketing and Communication

Marketing and Communications

Marketing and Communication


Marketing and Communication

 Five persons work with marketing and communications team, which works with the following work areas:

  • Internal and external communication
  • Student recruitment
  • Web development and content production
  • Social media
  • Production of printed and digital marketing material

 PR Officer Marlene Günsberg  

  • Produces and publishes press releases
  • Coordinates the internal communication (internal newsletters, news for employees etc.)
  • Produces news and content for the Hanken website
  • Responsible for the production of the annual report and the Hanken Newsletter

Marketing Assistant Natalia Boltovskaya

  • Develops and carries out the marketing activities towards and visibility of Hanken in Russia
  • Supports the international marketing of Hanken
  • Responsible for the layout of Hanken material, e.g. advertisements, brochures, flyers, and posters

Online Marketing Coordinator Lukas Lundin

  • Develops, follows up and analyses the online visibility of Hanken (search engine optimization, AdWords, web traffic)
  • Produces digital marketing material (banners, video, email)
  • Participates in the development and execution of the social media presence and communication of Hanken

Coordinator of the Helsinki Alliance Jennifer Finnilä

  • Secretary and administrator for the Management and Coordination teams of the alliance
  • Plans and coordinates student recruitment events (Högskoledagarna, SACO)
  • Coordinates the activities of the different task groups


Communications officer
+358 50 412 6027

Communication and PR (Helsinki)
+358 50 568 7635

Communication and PR (Helsinki)
+358 40 352 1213

Communication and PR (Helsinki)
Communication Manager
+358 40 352 1212

Communication and PR (Helsinki)
Non-permanent staff

Communication and PR (Helsinki)