Timeline for Hanken's operations

Hanken continues to work and study remotely until at least 31.7.2020. Below is a summary of Hanken's operations until 31.7.2020.

We will give more information about the situation from 1.8.2020 onwards by 30.6.2020.




Use of Hanken premises

The personnel working in the premises are separately named and must be able to be identified to enable tracking of possible infection chains.

Until end of May, not more than 10 allowed. From 1.6.2020, maximum of 50

The number of personnel working on the premises is tracked and the number should be in line with the restrictions by the government.

Instructions for the personnel will be provided 1.6.2020 at the latest.


Hanken is closed for students and online learning will be conducted until the end of the term

Until 31.7.2020

All teaching and examinations are conducted online until the end of term

Reopening of Quantum under strict safety rules and other restrictions

Opening at the latest 1.6.2020


Research is primarily conducted remotely

Until 31.7.2020


Library will start taking reservations of books so that it is possible to safely pick up books.

As of 6 May 2020 (pick-up of books as of 14 May)

You will be able to pick up books during the whole summer, in May-June during every weekday and in July, two days a week. Instructions will be provided on how to order and pick up books.

Library open for pickup only until 31.7.2020

Restaurant services

Other places with student pricing are open for takeaway. Check online.

Until end of July Hanken’s restaurants are closed


Conferences, seminars and events primarily online, following the national recommendations for meeting restrictions.

Until 31.7.2020

Regarding work related travels abroad, travel is not allowed.

Until 31.7.2020

Other work and functions

Other work at the university is primarily conducted remotely.

Until 31.7.2020

Meetings are primarily online.

Until 31.7.2020

Recreational and Student Association events

Will not take place in Hanken premises

Until 31.7.2020