Information regarding the corona virus

Here you can find the latest recommendations and instructions that Hanken has issued due to the current corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic. We continue to updates these pages that constitute the primary information channel. In addition, we will also send e-mails to both students and staff with the most important updates.

Please note that the corona-related information here on our website is currently being updated in order to be better adapted to the situation during the autumn semester 2020.

Below are listed some general principles that apply during the summer and autumn term 2020. More detailed instructions for students, staff and the library's customers can be reached via the links below and the menu to the right of the page. The information is updated as needed. Below, you can also find Rector's summer greetings to the students and staff at Hanken.

You can also contact if you have any questions. Staff representing study and staff matters, security issues, events and the principal's office read the messages. During the summer, the response time may be a little longer.

Page updated 14.8.2020.


Hanken in summer 2020

Information for students

Information for faculty and staff

  • In accordance with the authorities’ recommendation, we shall work remotely if the nature of your tasks allow it. You are also allowed to work in the Hanken premises.
  • How the work is distributed between working remotely and physically working at Hanken is to be coordinated by the managers. The number of people who are on site at one time should be limited according to the state of infection and the unit's premises.
  • If you, in consultation with your manager, find that a work trip is necessary, please note that all bookings for the trip must be made through CWT.
  • Current information for staff
  • Deans' greetings
  • Advice for working from home

Information for teachers

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Summer greetings from Rector

Dear students and staff,

Now summer has come, a heatwave sweeps over us and many are already thinking of the coming summer holiday, which is well deserved. This spring unfolded to something that we could never have prepared for - with everything online, even our doctoral defences. Even so, we have many reasons to be content despite these otherwise challenging times. 
I have been very pleased with the response our researchers have given to the covid-19 challenge. Rarely have I signed so many research project applications, and with so many being granted, we can conclude that Hanken, as the responsible business school we are, is really participating in solving the global challenges caused by the pandemic.  
The students and the student union have also in practice shown their understanding of responsibility as they, for example, helped delivering groceries to those in need. Hanken also recently won the award for best PRME report, a proof of the good work we have done within responsible management education. 
I think we can be very pleased with what we achieved in the spring, and this goes for us all at Hanken – faculty, staff and students. We as members of faculty and staff have done our best to make it work for the students, and you students have done your best to cope with your studies. In addition, we are pleased to see that our partners and alumni have done their best to find new ways to collaborate with us at Hanken. 
We are also happy that not only the national students, but also our international exchange students have been very satisfied with the remote teaching. Hanken did very well again in the survey that was conducted among exchange students who studied at Hanken in the spring of 2020. As many as 98% of the respondents would recommend Hanken as an exchange university.  
In the survey among students this spring, there was also a question about whether the students participated in the remote teaching in P4 and how it was experienced. The online arrangements and the teachers received a lot of praise - the students felt that the teachers switched to online arrangements very smoothly and that everything worked fine, the students seemed very impressed. It is also nice that, this spring, the students felt part of the Hanken community and not just as guests. 
I think this spring really showed the Hanken spirit at its best, so my big thanks to you all for your energy and for all the hard work you did. Despite the fact that at this point, the Ministry has not yet announced the results of the financial negotiations, I can say that the negotiations exceeded our expectations and we can continue to work confidently with our new strategy 2030 and develop Hanken together. 
A big thank you to all of you and I wish you a really nice summer, we will return in the autumn with new energy! 


Greetings published: 26.06.2020


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Instructions from Hanken Support Foundation regarding scholarships

If conferences, courses etc are cancelled or rescheduled due to the coronavirus epidemic, the scholarship's validity is extended. It is not allowed to travel on Foundation-funded trips at the moment.

Contact the Scholarship Liaison Officer ( if your planned event is rescheduled, or if you have any other questions.