Safety instructions for E-Exam in Examinarium

Below is a summary of the safety instructions for E-Exam in Examinarium in Hanken buildings in Helsinki and Vaasa (Sept 1st 2020).
  • Register for a time slot through Exam. The Hanken-buildings are locked. Students who do not have a key must reserve a time slot between 11am and 4:55pm in Helsinki and between 11am and 1:55pm in Vaasa during weekdays when the janitor is available and can let you in.  

  • Only come to Hanken if you feel well and are healthy. You are not allowed to come to Hanken if you may have been exposed to infection and are in quarantine.  

  • Please notify if you become ill after you have visited Hanken and suspect it is related to COVID-19. 

  • Cancel your e-exam through Exam if you are not able to make it or show any symptoms of illness. It is important to make the cancellation; you will then have the opportunity to book another timeslot for your e-exam. Cancellation can be made until the minute before your time slot begins. When you are certain that you are well again, book a new e-exam. 

  • Everyone must use face masks on Hanken's premises and thus also in Examinarium. Put on your face mask already at the front door and remove it only when you leave the building. If you are unable to use a face mask for medical reasons, do not do so.

  • Keep a safe distance when you are inside Hanken's building.
  • Please be on time for your e-exam, and reserve time for following these safety instructions!  

  • Use your Hanken key to get in to the building and to enter Examinarium. You do not have to announce yourself at the reception/janitor. If you do not have a key, please ring the doorbell and wait outside the entrance of the building for the staff to let you in. Once inside, please announce yourself and show your ID to the reception/janitor to get the door code for Examinarium. If the front door due to the pandemic is locked, the janitor lets you in for the exams at 7.50, 10.50 and 13.50. NB, arrive on time!

  • Keep a distance of 2m between you and other persons during your stay at Hanken.  

  • Thoroughly wash your hands before entering Examinarium, followed by using hand sanitiser. Use your clean hands to put on your face mask before entering Examinarium. 

  • Before and after your e-exam, use the sanitising wipes available in Examinarium to clean the keyboard and mouse at your computer. 

  • Once you have completed your e-exam, please leave Examinarium, wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect them once more. 

  • Leave the building as soon as you have finished the exam, you are not allowed to linger or hang out with other persons or to stay for lunch in the restaurant.