Saku Mantere

Hanken School of Economics

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2296 Strategic Management

62241 Perspectives on Organization

22007 Research Methods

Research Interest

Strategy-as-practice, that is, understanding strategy as a social practice. In particular, I am interested in the questions related to discourse, subject positions and agency in strategizing. I am also interested in philosophical issues in management, such as the problem of induction and various matters concerning language.

Selected publications

Mantere, S. & Ketokivi, M. (2013). Reasoning in Organization Science. Academy of Management Review, 38 (1): 70-89.

Mantere, S. (2013). What is Organizational Strategy? A Language-Based View. Forthcoming in the Journal of Management Studies.

Mantere, S., Aula, P., Vaara, E. & Schildt, H. (2013). Narrative Attributions of Responsibility in Entrepreneurial Failure. Forthcoming in the Journal of Business Venturing

Küpers, W., Mantere, S. & Statler, M. (2013). Strategy as Storytelling: A Phenomenological Exploration of Embodied Narrative Practice. Journal of Management Inquiry, 22 (1), 83-100.

Mantere, S., Schildt, H. & Sillince, J.A.A. (2012). Reversal of Strategic Change. Academy of Management Journal, 55(1) 172-196.

Ketokivi, M. & Mantere, S. (2010) Two Strategies for Inductive Reasoning in Organizational Research. Academy of Management Review 35, 315–333. 

Mantere, S. & Vaara, E. (2008). On the problem of participation in strategy: A critical discursive perspective. Organization Science, 19, 341-358.

Mantere, S. (2008). Role Expectations and Middle Manager Strategic Agency. Journal of Management Studies, 45, 294-316.

Mantere, S. (2005) Strategic practices as enablers and disablers of championing activity. Strategic Organization 3 (2): 157-184. Recipient of the SO!What Award for the best paper in 2005.

Aula, P. & Mantere, S. (2008) Strategic Reputation Management. New York: Routledge.

Aula, P. & Mantere, S. (2005) Hyvä yritys. Straginen maineenhallinta. WSOY. Pro oeconomia winner, 2006. More information.

Mantere, S., Aaltonen, P., Ikävalko, H., Hämäläinen, V., Suominen, K. & Teikari, V. (2006) Organisaation strategian toteuttaminen. Edita. More information.

Saku Mantere
Management and Organization
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Professor, Hanken; Prefect, Management & Organization
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