Eva Liljeblom

Hanken School of Economics

Eva Liljeblom's CV

  • Member of the Board of Stockmann Oyj
  • Chairmain of the Board of Municipality Finance
  • Member of the Board of the mutual insurance company Fennia
  • Member of the Board of Veikkaus Oy
  • Chairman of the State Pension Fund’s Investment Consultative Committee in Finland
  • Chairman of the Board of the Finnish State Nuclear Waste Management Fund
  • Member of the Board for Kirkon keskusrahaston eläkerahasto


Currently not teaching (rector).

Research Interest

Currently Working on:

  • - "Short-Term Expectations in Listed Firms: the Mitigating Impact of Private Equity Owners" (with Tor Brunzell and Mika Vaihekoski). 
  • - "Capital structure in Nordic firms" (with Tor Brunzell, Anders Löflund, and Mika Vaihekoski)
  • - "CEO wealth and risk aversion" (with Timo Korkeamäki and Daniel Pasternack)
  • - "Dividend policy in Russian firms"(with Benjamin Maury)
  • - "Multiple owners in family firms" ( with Minna Martikainen and Jussi Nikkinen)

Selected publications

 - Brunzell, T., Liljeblom, E., Löflund, A., Vaihekoski, M. (2014): "Dividend policy in Nordic listed firms", Global Finance Journal 25, 124-135.

- Brunzell, T., Liljeblom, E. (2014):"Chairmen's perceptions of female board representation: A study of Nordic listed companies", Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion: An International Journal 33, 523-534.

- Hoesli, M., Liljeblom, E., Löfkund, A. (2014):"The Effect of Lock-Ups on the Suggested Real Estate Portfolio Weight".  International Real Estate Review 17, 1-22.

 - Brunzell, T., Liljeblom, E., Vaihekoski, M. (2013): "Determinants of Capital Budgeting Methods and Hurdle Rates in Nordic Firms", Accounting & Finance 53, 83-110.

- Liljeblom, Eva, Pasternack, Daniel, and Rosenberg, Matts (2011): What Determines Stock Option Contract Design?  Journal of Financial Economics 102, 293-316.

  - Hansson, M., Liljeblom, E., Martikainen, M. (2011): "Corporate Governance and Profitability in Family SMEs", European Journal of Finance 17, 391-408.

- Brunzell, Tor, Hansson, Mats, and Liljeblom, Eva (2011): "The Use of Derivatives in Nordic Firms". Nominated as one of 3 candidates for the GARP Best Paper Award in Risk Management at the EFM 2010 meeting. European Journal of Finance 17, 355-376.

 - Liljeblom, E. and Maury, B. (2010): "Corporate Governance in Russia", in Huttunen T. and Ylikangas M. (eds.), Witnessing Change in Contemporary Russia, Kimora Publications Series B 38, 89-106.

- Liljeblom, E. and Vaihekoski, M. (2010): "Who creates short-term pressure? An analysis of firms with different ownership structures", Finnish Journal of Business Economics 59 (3), 239-264

- Korkeamäki, Timo, Liljeblom, Eva, and Pasternack, Daniel (2010): "Tax Reform and Payout Policy: Do Shareholder Clienteles of Payout Policy Adjust?"   Journal of Corporate Finance 16, 572-587.

- Hansson, Mats, Liljeblom, Eva, Löflund, Anders (2009): "International Bond Diversification Strategies: The Impact of Currency, Country, and Credit Risk",  European Journal of Finance 15, 555-583.

 - Liljeblom, E., Vaihekoski, M. (2009): "Corporate Ownership and Managerial Short-termism: Results from a Finnish Study of Management Perceptions", International Journal of Production Economics 117, 427-438.

 - Liljeblom, E., Maury, B. (2009): "Oligarchs, Political Regime Change, and Firm Valuation", Economics of Transition 17, 411-438.

- Felixson, Karl and Liljeblom, Eva (2008): "Evidence of Ex-Dividend Trading by Investor Tax Category", European Journal of Finance 14, 1-21.

- Liljeblom, Eva and Pasternack, Daniel (2006): "Share Repurchases, Dividends, and Executive Options: the Effect of Dividend Protection", the European Financial Management 12, 7-28.

- Liljeblom, Eva and Löflund, Anders (2005): "The Determinants of International Portfolio Investment Flows to a Small Market: Empirical Evidence", Journal of Multinational Financial Management 15 (3), 211-233.

- Liljeblom, Eva and Löflund, Anders (2001): "Foreign and Domestic Investors and Tax Induced Ex-Dividend Day Trading", Journal of Banking & Finance 25, 1687-1716.

- Liljeblom, E., Löflund, A., Krokfors, S. (1997): " The Benefits from International Diversification for Nordic Investors", Journal of Banking & Finance 21, 469-490.

- Berglund, T., Liljeblom, E., and Hedvall, K. (1990): "Market serial Correlation and the Valuation of Index Options", Finance 11, 29-44.

- Berglund, T., Liljeblom, E. and Löflund, A. (1989): "Estimating Betas on Daily Data for a Small Stock Market", Journal of Banking & Finance 13, 41-64.

- Berglund, T., and Liljeblom, E. (1988): "Market Serial Correlation on a Small Security Market: A Note", Journal of Finance 43, 1265-1274.


Eva Liljeblom
Finance and Statistics
D.Sc. (Econ.) 1989, Hanken
Rector (professor, on leave)
Mail address
Hanken, P.O.BOX 479, 00100 Helsinki, FINLAND
+358 9 431 33 291
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Eva Liljeblom