Management and organisation research seminars

Research seminars

The research seminar sessions will be held in the FLO seminar room, Casa, 4th floor. The time is usually at 2 p m.

Information about the HOTREG (Helsinki Organization Theory Research Group) seminars will also be on this page. These seminars have a slightly different format that requires the participants to read the papers and reviews beforehand. The authors present their papers for only 10-15 minutes and then follows a presentation by a discussant. The bulk of the time is reserved for an open discussion on how to revise the paper.

Forthcoming seminars, spring 2014:

- Fri 25.4. at 13.00-14.30 Prof. Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta, Hybrid vigor: Securing venture capital by spanning categories in nanotechnology, forthcoming in Academy of Management Journal. The seminar takes place in room 304 in Hanken main building.

- Tue 6.5. at 14.00-15.30 Prof. Henri Schildt, Aalto University: A Dual-Processing View of Legitimacy Work: A Review of Influences on Implicit and Reflective Legitimacy Judgments (Date to be confirmed)

- Tue 20.5. at 14.00-15.30 Assistant Prof. Nina Granqvist, with Prof. Eero Vaara, Hanken School of Economics, A discursive theory of hypes and bandwagons during field emergence.

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Past Seminars 2014

- Fri 31.1. at 13.00 Robin Holt: Ai Weiwei - the ad-venture of parrhesia

- Wed 26.2. at 12.30-14.00 Janne Tienari, Aalto University: Management, managerial bodies, and bodily performances (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 18.3. at 14.00-15.30 Rashedur Chowdhury and Frank den Hond, title tbc. (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 25.3. at 14.00-15.30 Agniezska Kurczeska, University of Lodz: Personal characteristics back on stage? The role of individual values in opportunity process (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 8.4. at 14.00-15.30 Prof. Joakim Wincent, Hanken School of Economics: The influence of entrepreneurs' passion on venture performance: A study of harmonious and obsessive passion (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 15.4. at 14.00-15.30 Prof. Frank den Hond, Hanken School of Economics, a paper with de Bakker and Smith: Social Movements and Organizational Analysis (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

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Past Seminars 2013

- Professor Ruth Wodak from Lanchaster University, UK. Title: " Critical Discourse Studies: Analyzing meetings from a discourse-historical perspective". Thursday 7th of February.

- Professor Karin Berglund from Stockholm University on Metaphors of innovation. Wednesday 20th of March at 10-12 in room 501 in the Casa building.

- Phd Mikko Vesa from Hanken School of Economics. Title: Group Intentionality and the Process of Intra-Organizational Boundary Formation: Explicating the effects of I-mode/We-mode commitment. Wednesday 10th of April at 14-16 in the 4th floor seminar room at the Casa building.

- Anna Tyllström from Uppsala University . Title: Categorical Resistance - Audience (de-)legitimation of new market categories. Wednesday 15th of May at 14-16.00.

- Linda Tallberg from Hanken School of Economics. Title: Emotions in Organizations. Wednesday 29th of May at 14-16 in the 4th floor seminar room at the Casa building

- Professor Suzy Fox, week 23 - time and topic TBC

Past Seminars 2012

- Professor Eva Boxenbaum from Mines ParisTech, France. Title: "Imagination, innovation and institutionalized scripts". Wednesday 23rd of January at 14.00 at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Professor Julia Balogun and Kathryn Fahy from Lanchaster University Management School, UK. Title: "Narrative Agency and Strategic Change". Thursday 10th of January at 12.00 in the 4th floor seminar room at the Casa building.

- Professor Jean Louis Magakian from Esc Saint-Etienne, France. Title: " Materializing strategic ideation: the practice of thinking aloud within a cognitive niche". Tuesday 27th of November at 14.00 at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Professor David Boje from New Mexico State University. Title: "The Secrets of Storytelling in Liquid Modernity and the Quantum Age: How Pragmatist Philosophy Relates to Antenarrative!". Tuesday 20th of November at 14.00 in room 502 on the 5th at the Casa building, Perhonkatu 6.

- Professor Robin Holt from Liverpool university management school. Title: "Vivienne Westwood: Commerce, ethics and the discourse of subversion". Thursday 4th of October at 12-13.30 in Lärarrummet, 5th floor in the Hanken main building.

- Professor Jason Shaw from University of Minnesota; Associate Editor of Academy of Management Journal. Title: "Publishing in AMJ and other top journals". Tuesday September 11th at 10-12 (Hanken Casa Academica Perhokatu 6, 5th floor room 502).

- Professor Frank den Hond from University of Amsterdam. Title: "Playing on two checker boards: Reputation effects and resource complementarities between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Political Activity (CPA)". Wednesday August 29th, 13.00, at Casa 4th floor seminar room .

- Professor Loizoz Heracleous from Warwick Business School. Title: Organisational discourse and the social structuring of meaning. Monday June 4th, 14.00, at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Professor Jason Shaw from University of Minnesota / Carlson School of Management Minneapolis, Academy of Management Journal Associate Editor. Title: A social-structural analysis of employment relationships and team creativity. Wednesday June 13th , 14.00 , at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

-Professor Nelson Phillips from Imperial College London. Title: Building entrepreneurial tie portfolios through strategic homophily: The role of narrative identity work in venture creation and early growth. Tuesday May 15th, 14.00-15.00, at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- CREME seminar, Monday May 14th from 10:00 to 12:30.

  • Kristoffer Wilén (doctoral student in marketing): paper on ethical consumption
  • Ira Haavisto (doctoral student in supply chain management and corporate geography): on the project entitled "Resilience in disaster relief and development supply chains - managing challenges of climate change, urbanization and security"
  • Tina Karme (PRME assistant): presenting a first draft of Hanken's PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) report which documents the various PRME activities / initiatives at Hanken

- Professor Nancy Harding from University of Bradford School of Management. Title: Has the Quality of Research Interview had its day? Wednesday April 18th at 10.00. The seminar will be held in room 501 (Casa 5th floor).

- Professor Francois Cooren from Univeristy of Montreal. Thursday April 5th at 10.00 in FLO seminar room, Casa, 4th floor. Title: Figures in tension in organizational communication: A ventriloqual perspective.

Professor Mikko Jääskeläinen from Aalto univeristy. Title "Hierarchical market allocation and positional rents". Thursday March 22nd at 14.00 - 15.00.

Professor Andy Locket and Professor Graeme Currie from Warwick Business School. Title: " Social position and the envisioning of change". Wednesday February 29th at 12.00.

-Professor Jean-Louis Magakian from St. Etienne and EMLYON. Title: "Strategic thinking as ascending from the abstract to the concrete". Thursday January 19th at 13-14.30.

Strategic thinking as ascending from the abstract to the concrete [pdf] 273k

Past seminars, autumn 2011:

- HOTREG seminar 8th of September at Aalto University. The papers presented were Mantere & Whittington: Becoming a Strategist (with reviews from Academy of Management Journal) and Perkman & Schildt: Boundary Organizations and Field Change (with reviews from Administrative Science Quarterly).

- Candace Jones and Massimo Maoret, 12th of September. Title: The Architecture of Success: Various forms of capital in achieving distinction.

- Robin Holt. Wednesday, 21st of September. Title: Researching Time and Space in Organization Studies.

- Aleksi Aaltonen. Wednesday, 5th of October. Title: Governing Complex Social Production in the Internet: the Emergence of a Collective Capability in Wikipedia.

- Salla Laasonen and Martin Fougčre. Wednesday, 19th of October. Title: Hegemonic articulations in academic business and society discourse on business-NGO relations: A critical assessment.

- Birgit Pauksztat. Wednesday, 16th of November at 14-16.00. Title: "Better safe than sorry? An analysis of cross-network effects between employee voice and friendship".

-Robin Holt, University of Liverpool Management School. Title: "Bateson, the wire & institutional work" (co-authored with Mike Zundel and Joep Cornelissen. Monday, 12th of December at 14.00.

-Professor Stefan Jonsson from the University of Uppsala. Title: "Foundational legitimacy: ideology, foundings and legitimacy in the Swedish voucher school reform, 1992-2009". Wednesday Dec 14th at 14.00-15.30.

Past seminars, spring 2011:

- Noelia-Sarah Schnurr (visiting PhD student), 2nd of February: Emotional sensemaking stories of individuals during mergers and acquisitions

- Eric Fa˙, professor at EMLYON Business School in France, 16th of February. Eric Fa˙ and prof. Eero Vaara will present a joint paper called Reproduction and Change in Management Education: A Critical Institutional Perspective

- Christelle Tornikoski, 21st of February: Expatriate compensation: what do we know, what do we do, what could we change?

- Gregoire Croidieu, 2nd of March: Field formation and memory work: the shaping of the 'Judgment of Paris' event

- Pernilla Gripenberg, 9th of March: The role of emotions in technology uptake: A study of how human-ICT relationships form

- Henri Schildt, 23rd of March: Making Sensemaking Explicit

- Suzanne Young from La Trobe University in Australia, 13th of April: How Research and Industry Scholarship Inform Curriculum

- Carola Wolf (visiting PhD student), 4th of May: Formalization of Strategic Planning Processes as Antecedent to Strategic Role Performance of Middle Managers

- Florian Überbacher, PhD candidate and research associate from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, 9th of May: Developing Symbolic Skill: How legitimation strategies of a new venture evolve

- Hotreg seminar 26th of May: Organization Theory Group (main building room 304) - see
The Birth of New Industries: Robin Gustafsson, Mikko Jääskeläinen, Markku Maula, and Juha Uotila.
Saving Lives versus King's New Clothes? Comparing Agency in the Emerging Scientific Fields of Functional Foods and Nanotechnology: Nina Granqvist and Tiina Ritvala.

- Frederic Bill, Växjö University in Sweden, 8th of June: The Incubus Paradox (The indirect approach of semi-focused groups: Expanding focus group research through role-playing).

- Rajiv Nag, 14th of June: From Common to Uncommon Knowledge: Foundations of Firm-Specific Use of Knowledge as a Resource.

- Ingela Sölvell, 21st of June: Organizational building and unexpected resistance.

Past seminars, autumn 2010:

- André Sobczak, Audencia Nantes School of Management, 26st of August: Interorganizational Learning for Global Responsibility in Brazil: How Culture Matters

- Andrea Whittle, Senior Lecturer in Management at Cardiff Business School, 31st of August: Villains, Victims and the Financial Crisis: Positioning Identities through Descriptions

- Peer Fiss, McAlister Associate Professor of Business Administration, USC-Marshall School of Business, 15th of September: Using quantitative methods to analyze qualitative data

- Jason Shaw, Professor at University of Minnesota and associate editor of AMJ, 13th of October: Voluntary Turnover and Organizational Performance: A Long Look Back and a Short Step Forward.

- Ann Langley, professor at HEC Montréal, 11th of November: Escalating indecision: Between reification and strategic ambiguity.

- Teppo Felin, 24th of November: Information Aggregation, Organizational Forms and Strategy Selection

- Patrick Furu, 1st of December: Who's Leading the Collective mind? Contributions to Group Performance in the Improvising Jazz Band

- Mikko Ketokivi, 9th of December: When Sensible Decisions Lead To Incongruent Priorities: A Behavioural Theory of Operational Priorities


Seminars at HSE, Friday 14-16, E-128 (Arkadia building, Lapuankatu 6)
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