Management and organisation research seminars

Research seminars

The research seminar sessions will be held in the FLO seminar room, Casa, 4th floor. The time is usually at 2 p m.

Information about the HOTREG (Helsinki Organization Theory Research Group) seminars will also be on this page. These seminars have a slightly different format that requires the participants to read the papers and reviews beforehand. The authors present their papers for only 10-15 minutes and then follows a presentation by a discussant. The bulk of the time is reserved for an open discussion on how to revise the paper.

Forthcoming seminars, autumn 2014:

- Wed 10.12. at 14-15.30 Professors Liisa Välikangas (Hanken) and Sirkka Jarvenpaa (University of Texas): Opportunity Creation in Innovation Networks: interactive Revealing Practices, forthcoming in California Management Review, fall 2015

Forthcoming seminars, spring 2015:

- Wed 21.1. at 14-16. Professor André Spicer: The Wellness Syndrome. Cass Business School, Panel discussion with e.g. Frank Martela from Aalto University School of Business. tbc.

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Past Seminars 2014

- Fri 31.1. at 13.00 Robin Holt: Ai Weiwei - the ad-venture of parrhesia

- Wed 26.2. at 12.30-14.00 Janne Tienari, Aalto University: Management, managerial bodies, and bodily performances (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 18.3. at 14.00-15.30 Rashedur Chowdhury and Frank den Hond, title tbc. (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 25.3. at 14.00-15.30 Agniezska Kurczeska, University of Lodz: Personal characteristics back on stage? The role of individual values in opportunity process (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 8.4. at 14.00-15.30 Prof. Joakim Wincent, Hanken School of Economics: The influence of entrepreneurs' passion on venture performance: A study of harmonious and obsessive passion (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Tue 15.4. at 14.00-15.30 Prof. Frank den Hond, Hanken School of Economics, a paper with de Bakker and Smith: Social Movements and Organizational Analysis (seminar room, Casa 4th floor)

- Fri 25.4. at 13.00-14.30 Prof. Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta, Hybrid vigor: Securing venture capital by spanning categories in nanotechnology, forthcoming in Academy of Management Journal. The seminar takes place in room 304 in Hanken main building.

- In May Assistant Prof. Nina Granqvist, with Prof. Eero Vaara, Hanken School of Economics, A discursive theory of hypes and bandwagons during field emergence.

- Tue 20.5 at 14-15.30 Prof. Henri Schildt with Markus Perkmann, Aalto University "Organizational Change in Response to Institutional Complexity: Processes and Outcomes of Organizational Hybridization" (Casa seminar room, 4th floor)

- Fri 30.5 at 13.00-14.30. Professor Dean Shepherd from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University will give a talk on the topic "A New Research Stream? New Venture Creation to Alleviate Suffering in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster". (Room 502/ Casa 5th floor)

- Mon 2.6 at 16.30-18.00 Prof. Tamara Shefer, University of Western Cape with Prof. Kopano Ratele, UNISA, South Africa: Memory and narrative in the post colony: Reflections on the Apartheid Archive Project (Casa Academica, 5th floor, room 501)

- Wed 18.6 at 13.00-14.30. Professor John A.A.Sillince from Newcastle University Business School talks more broadly about his research agenda covering for example rhetorics of strategy and temporal approaches to strategy work. He also discusses his paper "Ambivalence and paradox as complementary facilitators of organizational change". (Room 501/ Casa 5th floor)

- Thu 11.9 at 9.30-11.00. Professor Mats Alvesson, Lund University, Sweden and University of Queensland, Australia presents his latest work The triumph of Emptiness: Leadership and Other Forms of Grandiosity in Contemporary Organizations in FLO. (Room 501 /Casa 5th floor)

- Wed 24.9. at 14.00-16.00. PhD student Lakshmi Nair, USI Universitą della Svizzera italiana , Institute of Marketing and Communication Management (IMCA), "The virtues of clarity: the link between transparency and impact in qualitative and quantitative field research in management" at Casa 4th floor seminar room

- Thu 10.30-12.00. Professor René Ten Bos, Radboud University, Philosophy of the Management Sciences, "The Sick Sea" at Room 501 Casa Academica 5th floor.

-Wed 29.10. at 14.00-16.00. Professor Marjo-Riitta Diehl, EBS Business School, Organizational Behavior and Human Resources " Explaining the counterintuitive justice−conflict relationship" at Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Wed 12.11. at 14.00-15.30. Postdoctoral Researcher Marco Clemente, Aalto University, Institute of Strategy and Venturing, Casa 4th floor seminar room. Stick or Yardstick: People¹s Reactions to Social Control Agents¹ Normative Enforcements (Co-authored with Rodolphe Durand and Gino Cattani)

- Thu 27.11. at 9.30-11.00. Honorary Professor Ed Freeman: What's Wrong with Business Schools, University of Virginia, Darden School of Business. Room 501 Casa Academica 5th floor

- Thu 27.11. at 13-14.30. Visiting professor Robin Holt: Nietzsche as educator, University of Liverpool, Room 501 Casa Academica 5th floor

"The title is a play on Nietzsche's "Schopenhauer as Educator" first published in his essay collection "Unfashionable Observations". Within the setting of business and management education practice the talk is also unfashionable. It argues for a primacy of feeling in a practice has championed reasoned decision-making and organization. It argues for a generosity of unguided and unguarded expression in a practice obsessed with measurement and accountability. It argues for distinctiveness grounded in irony, questionability and experiment in a practice that values assurance and capability. Lastly, it argues for realism in a practice charged with optimistic ambition."

Past Seminars 2013

- Professor Ruth Wodak from Lanchaster University, UK. Title: " Critical Discourse Studies: Analyzing meetings from a discourse-historical perspective". Thursday 7th of February.

- Professor Karin Berglund from Stockholm University on Metaphors of innovation. Wednesday 20th of March at 10-12 in room 501 in the Casa building.

- Phd Mikko Vesa from Hanken School of Economics. Title: Group Intentionality and the Process of Intra-Organizational Boundary Formation: Explicating the effects of I-mode/We-mode commitment. Wednesday 10th of April at 14-16 in the 4th floor seminar room at the Casa building.

- Anna Tyllström from Uppsala University . Title: Categorical Resistance - Audience (de-)legitimation of new market categories. Wednesday 15th of May at 14-16.00.

- Linda Tallberg from Hanken School of Economics. Title: Emotions in Organizations. Wednesday 29th of May at 14-16 in the 4th floor seminar room at the Casa building

- Professor Suzy Fox, week 23 - time and topic TBC

Past Seminars 2012

- Professor Eva Boxenbaum from Mines ParisTech, France. Title: "Imagination, innovation and institutionalized scripts". Wednesday 23rd of January at 14.00 at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Professor Julia Balogun and Kathryn Fahy from Lanchaster University Management School, UK. Title: "Narrative Agency and Strategic Change". Thursday 10th of January at 12.00 in the 4th floor seminar room at the Casa building.

- Professor Jean Louis Magakian from Esc Saint-Etienne, France. Title: " Materializing strategic ideation: the practice of thinking aloud within a cognitive niche". Tuesday 27th of November at 14.00 at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Professor David Boje from New Mexico State University. Title: "The Secrets of Storytelling in Liquid Modernity and the Quantum Age: How Pragmatist Philosophy Relates to Antenarrative!". Tuesday 20th of November at 14.00 in room 502 on the 5th at the Casa building, Perhonkatu 6.

- Professor Robin Holt from Liverpool university management school. Title: "Vivienne Westwood: Commerce, ethics and the discourse of subversion". Thursday 4th of October at 12-13.30 in Lärarrummet, 5th floor in the Hanken main building.

- Professor Jason Shaw from University of Minnesota; Associate Editor of Academy of Management Journal. Title: "Publishing in AMJ and other top journals". Tuesday September 11th at 10-12 (Hanken Casa Academica Perhokatu 6, 5th floor room 502).

- Professor Frank den Hond from University of Amsterdam. Title: "Playing on two checker boards: Reputation effects and resource complementarities between Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Political Activity (CPA)". Wednesday August 29th, 13.00, at Casa 4th floor seminar room .

- Professor Loizoz Heracleous from Warwick Business School. Title: Organisational discourse and the social structuring of meaning. Monday June 4th, 14.00, at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- Professor Jason Shaw from University of Minnesota / Carlson School of Management Minneapolis, Academy of Management Journal Associate Editor. Title: A social-structural analysis of employment relationships and team creativity. Wednesday June 13th , 14.00 , at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

-Professor Nelson Phillips from Imperial College London. Title: Building entrepreneurial tie portfolios through strategic homophily: The role of narrative identity work in venture creation and early growth. Tuesday May 15th, 14.00-15.00, at the Casa 4th floor seminar room.

- CREME seminar, Monday May 14th from 10:00 to 12:30.

  • Kristoffer Wilén (doctoral student in marketing): paper on ethical consumption
  • Ira Haavisto (doctoral student in supply chain management and social responsibility): on the project entitled "Resilience in disaster relief and development supply chains - managing challenges of climate change, urbanization and security"
  • Tina Karme (PRME assistant): presenting a first draft of Hanken's PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) report which documents the various PRME activities / initiatives at Hanken

- Professor Nancy Harding from University of Bradford School of Management. Title: Has the Quality of Research Interview had its day? Wednesday April 18th at 10.00. The seminar will be held in room 501 (Casa 5th floor).

- Professor Francois Cooren from Univeristy of Montreal. Thursday April 5th at 10.00 in FLO seminar room, Casa, 4th floor. Title: Figures in tension in organizational communication: A ventriloqual perspective.

Professor Mikko Jääskeläinen from Aalto univeristy. Title "Hierarchical market allocation and positional rents". Thursday March 22nd at 14.00 - 15.00.

Professor Andy Locket and Professor Graeme Currie from Warwick Business School. Title: " Social position and the envisioning of change". Wednesday February 29th at 12.00.

-Professor Jean-Louis Magakian from St. Etienne and EMLYON. Title: "Strategic thinking as ascending from the abstract to the concrete". Thursday January 19th at 13-14.30.

Strategic thinking as ascending from the abstract to the concrete [pdf] 273k

Past seminars, autumn 2011:

- HOTREG seminar 8th of September at Aalto University. The papers presented were Mantere & Whittington: Becoming a Strategist (with reviews from Academy of Management Journal) and Perkman & Schildt: Boundary Organizations and Field Change (with reviews from Administrative Science Quarterly).

- Candace Jones and Massimo Maoret, 12th of September. Title: The Architecture of Success: Various forms of capital in achieving distinction.

- Robin Holt. Wednesday, 21st of September. Title: Researching Time and Space in Organization Studies.

- Aleksi Aaltonen. Wednesday, 5th of October. Title: Governing Complex Social Production in the Internet: the Emergence of a Collective Capability in Wikipedia.

- Salla Laasonen and Martin Fougčre. Wednesday, 19th of October. Title: Hegemonic articulations in academic business and society discourse on business-NGO relations: A critical assessment.

- Birgit Pauksztat. Wednesday, 16th of November at 14-16.00. Title: "Better safe than sorry? An analysis of cross-network effects between employee voice and friendship".

-Robin Holt, University of Liverpool Management School. Title: "Bateson, the wire & institutional work" (co-authored with Mike Zundel and Joep Cornelissen. Monday, 12th of December at 14.00.

-Professor Stefan Jonsson from the University of Uppsala. Title: "Foundational legitimacy: ideology, foundings and legitimacy in the Swedish voucher school reform, 1992-2009". Wednesday Dec 14th at 14.00-15.30.

Past seminars, spring 2011:

- Noelia-Sarah Schnurr (visiting PhD student), 2nd of February: Emotional sensemaking stories of individuals during mergers and acquisitions

- Eric Fa’, professor at EMLYON Business School in France, 16th of February. Eric Fa’ and prof. Eero Vaara will present a joint paper called Reproduction and Change in Management Education: A Critical Institutional Perspective

- Christelle Tornikoski, 21st of February: Expatriate compensation: what do we know, what do we do, what could we change?

- Gregoire Croidieu, 2nd of March: Field formation and memory work: the shaping of the 'Judgment of Paris' event

- Pernilla Gripenberg, 9th of March: The role of emotions in technology uptake: A study of how human-ICT relationships form

- Henri Schildt, 23rd of March: Making Sensemaking Explicit

- Suzanne Young from La Trobe University in Australia, 13th of April: How Research and Industry Scholarship Inform Curriculum

- Carola Wolf (visiting PhD student), 4th of May: Formalization of Strategic Planning Processes as Antecedent to Strategic Role Performance of Middle Managers

- Florian Überbacher, PhD candidate and research associate from University of St. Gallen in Switzerland, 9th of May: Developing Symbolic Skill: How legitimation strategies of a new venture evolve

- Hotreg seminar 26th of May: Organization Theory Group (main building room 304) - see
The Birth of New Industries: Robin Gustafsson, Mikko Jääskeläinen, Markku Maula, and Juha Uotila.
Saving Lives versus King's New Clothes? Comparing Agency in the Emerging Scientific Fields of Functional Foods and Nanotechnology: Nina Granqvist and Tiina Ritvala.

- Frederic Bill, Växjö University in Sweden, 8th of June: The Incubus Paradox (The indirect approach of semi-focused groups: Expanding focus group research through role-playing).

- Rajiv Nag, 14th of June: From Common to Uncommon Knowledge: Foundations of Firm-Specific Use of Knowledge as a Resource.

- Ingela Sölvell, 21st of June: Organizational building and unexpected resistance.

Past seminars, autumn 2010:

- André Sobczak, Audencia Nantes School of Management, 26st of August: Interorganizational Learning for Global Responsibility in Brazil: How Culture Matters

- Andrea Whittle, Senior Lecturer in Management at Cardiff Business School, 31st of August: Villains, Victims and the Financial Crisis: Positioning Identities through Descriptions

- Peer Fiss, McAlister Associate Professor of Business Administration, USC-Marshall School of Business, 15th of September: Using quantitative methods to analyze qualitative data

- Jason Shaw, Professor at University of Minnesota and associate editor of AMJ, 13th of October: Voluntary Turnover and Organizational Performance: A Long Look Back and a Short Step Forward.

- Ann Langley, professor at HEC Montréal, 11th of November: Escalating indecision: Between reification and strategic ambiguity.

- Teppo Felin, 24th of November: Information Aggregation, Organizational Forms and Strategy Selection

- Patrick Furu, 1st of December: Who's Leading the Collective mind? Contributions to Group Performance in the Improvising Jazz Band

- Mikko Ketokivi, 9th of December: When Sensible Decisions Lead To Incongruent Priorities: A Behavioural Theory of Operational Priorities


Seminars at HSE, Friday 14-16, E-128 (Arkadia building, Lapuankatu 6)
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