Competence Centres

Co-ordinate education, promote research and offer executive education

The competence centres at Hanken co-ordinate education, promote research and offer a wide range of services in information and executive education. The centres also offer executive education in close cooperation with the business world and they operate in conjunction with Hanken's academic departments. For further information see the links below.

Hanken's Research centers

  • CERS - Centre for Relationship Marketing and Service Management
  • CIEL - Center of International Economic Law
  • EPCE - Erling-Persson Centre for Entrepreneurship
  • HCCG - Hanken Centre for Corporate Governance
  • HECER - Helsinki Centre of Economic Research
  • HUMLOG Institute - The Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Research Institute
  • IPR - IPR University Center
  • WCEFIR - Wallenberg Center for Financial Research

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Modified 22.8.2014