Welcome to the Department of Economics

Staffan Ringbom, prefekt

The Department of Economics at Hanken School of Economics is well integrated into the academic world internationally as well as nationally. The department is one of the partners of the Consortium Helsinki Center of Economic Research ( HECER), together with the other academic departments of economics in Helsinki, Aalto University and University of Helsinki. HECER facilitates close cooperation in economics between these three universities both in research and teaching. The Economics faculty from all three partners have their offices in Economicum, close to the city center.

The Department offers a comprehensive Bachelor's program in economics with a wide range of courses emphasizing general perspectives and strategic thinking - skills highly appreciated in the business community.

The Master's Program in Economics is designed to meet high international standards comparable with programs in economics offered at other leading business schools. The program is implemented in close cooperation between the three partners of HECER, which gives the capacity to offer an extensive spectrum of high-quality courses. The Master's Programme also gives a solid background for doctoral studies in economics.

The PhD program in Economics is conducted within the framework of the Finnish Doctoral Program in Economics ( FDPE). FDPE is designed to provide doctoral students with a thorough training in the skills required of the contemporary academic and professional economists. Hanken is responsible for the supervision of its Ph.D.-students.

The economics graduates and doctorates have performed prominently well in a wide spectrum of careers that require economic expertise and analytical skills. Examples include careers as expert economists, analysts, specialists and consultants in private firms in industry, in the financial sector, in research institutes, in public administration and in international organizations.

The faculty at the Department of Economics at Hanken School of Economics is closely connected to the international research community. The faculty has a high-quality publication record and is extensively involved in scientific expert assignments, for example for international journals. The faculty is also experienced based on prominent assignments in the private as well as the public sector outside the academic world. The faculty is academically focused on particularly industrial economics, competition economics, financial economics, labour economics, behavioral economics and emprirical macroeconomics.

Staffan Ringbom
PhD, FRM Head of Department

Modified 17.9.2014