Hanken Executive MBA

Make an impact

Hanken Executive MBA is an internationally accredited Nordic programme based in Helsinki, with modules in the Nordic capitals and Asia. We promise you insight and tools to make an impact. Our programme enables you to strengthen your strategic decision-making and leadership skills, hence equipping you to create value for you and your organisation.

Hanken Executive MBA is a two-year part-time executive education programme in English. We believe in the strength of dialogue, face-to-face interaction and relationships: we recognise the individual in the group, our groups are small and our faculty and experienced lecturers are strongly dedicated to our programme.

We support you to excel. We provide state-of-the-art tools for you and your organisation to make an impact in business today and tomorrow.

Hanken Executive MBA:

  • Nordic Executive MBA with an international outlook
  • Strategic - tools for strategic decision making and leadership
  • Insight - knowledge and access to world class research
  • Impact - leadership and skills to share insight to engage others to find solutions and drive change
  • Dedicated Hanken faculty in the forefront of their respective fields along with international top-level corporate and academic experts

A word from the Programme Director

annika_profil.jpgWhat is the essential competence required from managers of today and tomorrow? And what is the role of MBA education in developing future leaders? These questions are widely discussed and debated among both employers and providers of business and management education.

According to surveys and business leaders, three central areas of competence are in demand: 1) social competence and leadership skills, 2) a global mind-set, and 3) the ability to innovate.

Despite these demands, traditional MBA programmes, following the US model from the 50s, are more focused on providing discipline-based knowledge than strengthening these above mentioned competencies. Most MBAs prepare people to be fantastic analysts, not fantastic colleagues, and this has to change!

Hanken Executive MBA participants learn how to work through people, how to motivate and to inspire. We also cultivate greater self-awareness, as our point of views is that the more an MBA understands his or her impact on others, and vice- versa, the more effective he or she will be. This takes place through our Leadership and Strategic Impact (LSI) process introduced in our renewed programme 2015. The LSI-process accounts for around a third of the programme. This entails a shift from knowing (analytical knowledge) to more of doing and being (a sense of purpose and identity). This enables our participants to make a real impact in the organisations in which they work. This does not mean that traditional discipline-based insight is excluded. The programme gives a holistic view of organisations and their operations and management, and this discipline-based insight is continuously linked to strategy.

Our mission is to develop strategic leaders. We believe that understanding and being able to implement strategy remains a constant prerequisite for success. This is more than being able to make strategic analyses and decisions, the key is implementing the strategy in the organisation through people.

We at Hanken Executive MBA share the view that a global mind-set is of utmost importance. We regard the Nordic countries - being small open economies - as excellent platforms for international operations and intercultural understanding. The Nordic business philosophy permeates our programme: you need to be international and innovative to survive. Furthermore, organisations characterised by dialogue both within the organisation and with the environment are stronger than those relying on more authoritarian models. Through our programme, with modules in Nordic capitals and Asia, the participants increase their cultural intelligence: which strategies, practices and behaviours are universal, and which contingent?

The mode of delivery of MBA programmes, i.e. online or in classrooms, continues to be a hot topic. Will the proportion of e-learning grow to replace face-to-to face educational experiences? There seems to be some level of agreement that elite MBA programmes will continue to take place in physical classroom settings, although with additional online components.

At Hanken, we believe in face to face interaction. Our groups are small in order to maximise interaction and learning between faculty and participants as well as between the participants themselves. We warmly welcome managers, senior experts, top talents and entrepreneurs to participate in our programme and co-create the contents through their expertise!

Annika Vatanen,

Hanken Executive MBA